The Designer

Wendy Yue, a Hong Kong native who has spent most of her life travelling, dreaming, and creating, is not quite the flamboyant parallel to her whimsical designs. A mysterious and private person, Yue seeks to express herself through her jewellery and allow her designs to speak for themselves.

At a young age, Yue left her hometown to study language and culture in Vienna. She travelled extensively across Europe, catalyzing her journey of self-discovery. Her infinite curiosity in nature promoted her beginnings in jewellery design. She became madly fascinated with wildlife and the magical bond it created between nature and her very existence. Hoping to preserve her memories and to share her revelations, Yue began to record her travels with colour sketches of the most vivid landscapes and exotic animals she encountered. 

Inspired by the symbolic meaning of jewellery - a timeless monument of one's memories and emotions that can be passed down through generations - she found her dream and passion in creating jewels that would reflect bits and pieces of her expeditions. Following her studies, Yue wasted no time in realizing her dreams, and formed her jewellery atelier in 1998, which has since become the forefront of Hong Kong's jewellery Industry. 

In 2008, she launched her synonymous brand WENDY YUE, renowned for intricate workmanship and story-telling narratives in each fantastical work of art. Her pieces are collected by jewellery mavens who prize artistry and creativity above all else. 

Not for the faint of heart, WENDY YUE is the complete embodiment of Yue's most authentic creativity, opening up the boundless depths of one's imagination.